'Chillax' with Ram 2500 Heavy Duty

You might drive in your Ram Heavy Duty to your softball, volleyball or football game. Afterwards, you are pouring sweat. You wish you were in a sauna. Well, guess what - Ram has climate-controlled seats. These can make you feel great.

You can cool or heat the driver or passenger seats separately. This can help you balance your body's temperature after a hot summer day. You can "chillax" with the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty. The Ram is great for the weekends. It has its large payload, but you can also store stuff inside. The in-floor storage is ideal for when its raining outside. You might not want to get outside during inclement weather.

Premium leather seats cannot be beaten.The Ram also has the 100% Laramie Limited Leather package. This feels so good. It is just like when you are at home, relaxing in your reclining chair. Ram is chillax.
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