Ram Owners Set a New Guinness World Record

Travel the world with other Ram Truck owners in pursuit of challenge and adventure! That’s exactly what a group of clever pickup truck drivers did in Germany, setting a new Guinness World Record while enjoying the experience of driving some of the world’s most beloved trucks.

On November 5, a massive crew of Ram Trucks brought power to the pavement at the Nu?rburgring in Nu?rburg, Germany. The gathering of 1,152 Ram Trucks helped secure the Guinness World Record for being the largest parade of pickup trucks! While this record was previously held by a mixture of other popular truck brands, this Ram-specific gathering shows us that Ram Truck owners are always up for a challenge!

We cannot wait to see what the Ram crew thinks up next. Ready to plan your own Ram adventures? Visit Doug Smith Chrysler Jeep Dodge to discover your ideal Ram Truck for sale in American Fork, UT today!

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