Don't Forget Your Road Trip Checkup!



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Summer is the perfect time to take a road trip around Utah (or anywhere else you feel like going!), but the fun can easily come to an unexpected halt if you don't first make sure to give your car a little pre-travel checkup to make sure it's fit to make the trip.

Things to Check Before You Leave

  • Tires: Make sure their pressure levels are correct and check for any signs of damage or unusual wear patterns as these could only get worse as you drive and cause problems later. This will reduce the chances of getting a flat on your trip.
  • Oil: Fresh oil will help your engine get through a long, hot trip. Top it off before you go or just change it out if it's been awhile since your last oil change.
  • Air-conditioning: Make sure all the components of your AC are in good shape so you won't be stuck with no way to beat the heat. The coolant, condenser, and belts should all get a look.

We're happy to help out by providing pre-travel service for your vehicle before your next trip. Schedule an appointment with our service center today to get started!

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