Why Is “Bleeding Brakes” Necessary?”

You have probably heard of the necessity of "bleeding your brakes" through servicing. Why is this necessary? Could this prevent an accident?

Just as your doctor removes air bubbles from a syringe, the brakes-bleeding process will remove air bubbles from your hoses. If you have air bubbles therein, then it could prevent your brakes from functioning properly. When you press on the brakes, they might not respond quickly. They might feel "squishy" or go to the floor.

Bring your vehicle into our service department and we will "bleed your brakes." We will remove all of the tiny air bubbles to make sure your car operates properly. These might be in your hoses or in the encasing of the brake assembly. Our dealership can bleed your brakes to make you safe and secure as you drive down the road. Schedule a service appointment today!

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