Chips in Your Windshield?

Every driver on the road is aware that a crack or chip could easily happen to them at any time. This might be due to an accident or even vandalism. For example, a rock flies off the road and hits the windshield or a kid hits the windshield with a ball. These are all situations that happen more than you might think. What course of action do you take if the chip is over the driver's area? Should you get a repair or complete replacement of the windshield?

Repair Or Replacement
If the chip is over the driver's critical area, it is time to get the windshield replaced. Cracks in this area are a big distraction. This presents a dangerous situation to you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. Certainly, the windshield will continue to crack, until it is replaced.

We are prepared to repair or replace your windshield. Simply give our service center a call.
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